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Injection Moulding Simulation
and Engineering Services

Inject before you cut the steel!

About Us

Logicplas Consulting is providing complete injection moulding services with leading-edge technical knowledge and experience. We focus on reducing time and cost of your product to market.

Using the data in different forms is critical when making a decision and understand a problem. Therefore, we are using Moldex3D to get a better understanding of process before doing moulding trials.

Our core values are honesty, innovation, quality and customer focus. If you choose to work with us, you will get a world class service with a competitive price.



Important information is reported using Moldex3D. For example; Injection pressure, clamping force, air traps and temperature distribution.


Injection moulding is easy but only when it is done right. In other words, let us be your solution partnerin order not to lose time. Contact now to get more information.


Lack of knowledge and experience in the shop floor with reduce your efficiency. Therefore, train up to industry standards to minimize your losses. 

we can be your solution partner.

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